Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let Us Give Your Camper A Great New Home!

If you own one of the Campers/RV's listed below and are looking to sell it ASAP, DONT TRADE IT IN!!! We pay High Blue Book and Beyond on most Campers!
Please take a second to email us at the or call us at: 909-522-6099 And ask for Chris or Kyle!

We purchase the following campers from all over the USA every week for pre-approved buyers with no wait!

Eurovan Full Camper & Westfalia Weekender (1992-2003)

Vanagon Westfalia Camper (1986-1991)
Vanagon Syncro Camper (1986-1991)

Airstream Westfalia Edition Sprinter (2003-2006)


(1990 and Newer)
Roadtrek 170-Versatile
Roadtrek 190-Popular
Roadtrek 190-Versatile
Roadtrek 210-Popular
Roadtrek 210-Versatile

So its time to sell your beloved RV... Well wasn't it a darn good time while it lasted!
High winds crossing Kansas...the flat tire in the Pan Handle...the rainstorms in the Canyonlands...the sunsets along the California coast...finding parking near Pikes Place Market in Seattle...the broken sewer hose in that Florida RV park...that winding road in New England with the fall colors...Getting stuck behind that Amish milk wagon in Pennsylvania...

Lots of memories right? Sometimes it's hard to let go, but it's someone elses turn now. The Camper Buyers have a good home for your wonderful RV so it can keep on exploring those beautiful destinations!

Sold in a day? YES!
So how does this work? If you are selling your Camper, dont trade it in or list it on those expensive RV sites, please give us a call or email first. There is NO faster way to sell your camper than right here at The Camper Buyers. We have a list of dozens of pre-approved buyers that are looking for the models shown above so you are selling yours, we are ready to purchase it now!

So again, to find out more,
please take a second to email us at the or call us at: 909-522-6099

*If you are sending an email, please send us a little bit about your vehicle so we can call you back with informed information on purchasing your Camper!

Here is what we would like to know:

Contact Info (phone number with area code)
Are you the original owners?
The Good &The Bad in a short description

Thats It!

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Chris Nelson and Kyle Jeffries~

The Camper Buyers!